Just Do Eet!

I’ve been writing Fan Fiction in my mind for the last 20 years.  

I’m still young enough that this number is kinda mind boggling.  More than half my life spent with characters I didn’t even create circling about in my head.  Ironically I know where they started, but not how they trans-mutated into the characters that still, to this very day, occupy brain space.

This might be why I was never able to remember the Periodic Table of elements, but I seriously doubt it.

I’ve been claiming to want to be a writer, for nearly as long as I have been writing this ongoing saga (for the Record, I tend to despise  family sagas) but have no finished manuscripts.  None.  Not a short story finished (outside of school obligations) in years.  Not a poem — aside from the Haiku Wars words.  And definitely not a book.  Hell, most of my characters don’t even have last names.

If writers write, and I don’t (physically) does that mean I’m not a writer?

Up until a couple of months ago, I thought the answer was 110% YES.  But now I’m not so sure.  My younger self actually wrote “If I’m not published by the time I’m 30, I will give up writing.”  Oh for a time machine to go and back and shake some sense into me.  I was either blissfully ignorant, or unbearably arrogant.  Since I was at 11 at the time, I’ll say both. 

That self imposed deadline — which I now know to be BS on several levels — ate at me.  And the older I got, the less I tried because I now know how slow publishing can be; and that’s assuming you get snapped up as soon as the book is finished.  I kept waiting for inspiration to strike, for The Muse , or Any Muse (I actually researched all 9) to come by. 

Never showed.  If you see that Judgmental Harpy kick her hard and tell her it’s from Sasha.

So where does that leave me?  A person with an ongoing saga and enough Plot Bunnies to start a Bunny Ranch (yea I said it)? 

Do Eet.

Simple and not at all like a huge conglomerate’s message (as I only run when I cant power walk away from danger).  I know some awesome people who live and write by the credo of Do Eet.  So why not me?

I should be writing.  Then Do Eet.

I should sub this story.  Do Eeet!

I should stop being a chicken and put up my inaugural blog post:

Just Did Eet!

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