NaNo Week Two: Why Do I Do This Again?

We’ve hit the point of NaNo where I vow I’ll never write another word. I want to set my story on fire and I’m sure that if anyone read it, no one would talk to me again.

Week Two is hardest. The glow of a new story has dimmed. The giddy excitement of chasing down a crazy amount of words has abandoned me and sitting in my floor with a pan of brownies seems a better use of my time then trying to write one more scene.

But. Cooler heads prevail. No one said writing was always going to be fun, and quitting is for wimps! So I’m 5700 words behind, but putting on my big girl panties (of course they’re pink), sucking it up, and sticking to it. I should be switching over to the shifters, but the horror isn’t done yet. I’m going to keep beating that horse and make the shifters my reward for wrapping that up.

Yes. I know ¬†how crazy that sounds, but maybe the spirit of NaNo hasn’t abandoned me yet.

Sasha, who needs MOAR words

Welcome to the dollhouse: 21,100/25,000

Shifter Nonsense: 0/25,000


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