Oops I Did It Again…

…didn’t post on my blooooog, made a bad Britney Spears refereeeeence!

Okay. No one deserves that, espeically not you. It’s a new year and I’d like to say I’m not up to my old tricks, but the fact that it’s been a month since I’ve blogged is pretty much calling me a big fat liar.

To be fair, my site was down for several days at the top of the year due to a hacker which took down my host. I believe there is a special corner of hell reserved for hackers, where they are forced to watch the sex acts they’ve obviously never participated in with no relief. Every fifteen minutes, their eyes are plucked out by a rabid vulture and they are forced to eat their fingers while apologizing to everyone they hurt with their sheer asshattery.

But I digress.  The rest of the month was pure me. Life and this cold/allergy thing I can’t shake got in the way, but I’m back.  I’ve got big plans for this year and they involve not being a slacker, though I’m for sure going to keep it up with my stupid pop culture references because they make me happy.  And because Britney’s music was made for karaoke.

I’ll be back doing Wednesday posts and starting next week, I’ll be doing a Monday Mention post as well.  I find that Mondays suck the big fat hairy one and as such I need to remind myself that there are some things out there worth getting out of bed for. Hence the Monday Mentions.  We’ll see how it plays out.  For now….It’s Sasha, bitch!

Sasha, who really hopes you got that last Britney ref

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  1. Oh my! I’ve just discovered your blog. You are hilarious. Keep on posting honey.. you are highly entertaining.

    Now, I’m off to find some of your work to read. I am totally hooked!


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