Ding! Dong! The Draft is Dead!

Which old draft?! The Serial Killer one!  Okay, clearly my brain is fried, but since I finished the first draft of the story that has been gnawing my brain since last summer, I feel like I’m entitled to a tiny bit of foolery.

The Serial Killer Romance is definitely romantic suspense, but I’m not sure how sexy it will be.  The draft topped at at nearly 33,600 and will have major edits as my killer’s POV changed from 3rd to 1st. *shudder*

For now, I’m just glad it’s done and I don’t have to think about it for the next few days. On to In the Blood, my tattoo-gone-awry WIP. I’m so ready to jump into Micah and Lorelei’s story!


Sasha, who’s excited for new words

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