Monday Mention: Sherlock Holmes Movie & Soundtrack

Since I missed last week, I decided to go for a two-fer today and mention a movie and soundtrack combo.  This combo is a one-to-punch guaranteed to hijack my brain and make me want to watch (and listen) on loop:


This movie is that illusive mix of comedy and mystery that is amazing (when successfully pulled off) and cringe worthy (when it falls apart).  Mysteries are my first love and I’ve always wanted to write a comedy-mystery hybrid but it just doesn’t seem meant to be.

I know a lot of people were disappointed in the choices of Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law as Watson and Holmes but I gotta say the casting director deserves an award. It’s a brilliant bit of work — yes, they both are very sexy men but their camaraderie is the best on screen bromance I’ve ever seen. (I’m sure there is Downey/Law slash just due to this movie). Their timing is impeccable and the movie has a Steampunk feel which I love in movie form — mainly because my writer brain can’t wrap around it.

And the soundtrack! As I was watching the movie, I knew I wanted it, but it’s even better than I had hoped. It’s the oddest use of stringed instruments I’ve ever heard and I love it. Wish I could find more music like it. Great music to write to.

Why would I prescribe either to kill the Monday Blahs? Why that’s elementary, my dear…

Sasha, who wishes she could watch the movie RIGHT now

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