Monday Mention: Your Local Library

Yep. I said your library. I am a writer, and I do want you to buy books, but I’m both a reader and a realist. If I had purchased every book I read, I would still be working off debit accumulated in the third grade.

As an ill child, I spent more time indoors with books the first 10 years of my life and if left to my own devices could read about 1,200 pages a day.  Of course if I did that now, no writing would get done and I would quickly get fired for showing up to work both zombiefied and reeking since showers would be out of the question.

My local library is a beauty (see below) and is networked with two satellite branches which are about twenty minutes away. After a long absence I went back to my branch and found it had become even more amazing, expanding the Blu Ray collection and stocking Samhain print titles!

I could easily spend hours perusing the shelves and never fail to be inspired by a trip to the library. Take twenty minutes. Go to your local library. And kick Monday blahs in the junk.

Sasha, who wishes she was going to the library instead of the EDJ

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