Who Likes Short Shorts?

…we like short shorts!  For the record, I have noticed that most of my posts this year revolve around something pop culturey. I’d like to say that’s going to change, but I know me too well and it’s not likely.

But it’s February in Chicago, and though it’s been unseasonably warm, no way in hell am I even considering short-shorts, mini skirts or the ever popular hot pants. I’m talking about short stories ….and my inability to wrap my writerly brain around them.

Before being published, my stories were all loooooong, bookish things which I usually discovered were the first in a series/trilogy about 30,000 words into the thing. This might be one of the reason I never finished any of them. (Notable exception being Beauty, a 77K monstrosity which still is in the ugly Edit Me PLEASE phase).

As a reader I will accept a story as short as 2,500 and it’s literally just a scene from the character’s lives. As a writer, my brain will not accept the same. I try for a short and then BAM! way over word count and possibly headed to sequel land. Light was intended to be 10K and ended up being 28K. Dare was intended to be 5K and ended up being 18K.


And yes, this is just a long, drawn out way of saying I’m currently dancing with what I believe could be my first actual short. A little bit of m/m, dirty fun which is currently at 5,500 …and counting.  I’m ever hopeful though.

Sasha, who might need someone to hold her

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