Monday Mention: Flash Mobs

A flash mob is when a group of people gather in one spot to perform what appears to be an impromptu activity — singing or dancing most likely — and then disperse as soon as it’s over. What makes this so appealing is that the audience has no idea a performance is about to happening and them BAM! they are in the midst of one.

There have been people who Flash Mob the dance sequence from Thriller, or the video made the rounds at Christmas for the troupe that Flash Mobbed the Hallelujah chorus.

Ever since I learned what a flash mob was, I’ve wanted to be a part of one. It seemed unlikely given that I tend to have friends who are more socially shy than I am and I don’t belong to any groups that would have FM credentials.

But. If all goes according to plan, then by this time tomorrow I will have participated in my first flash mob.  This is either going to be extremely cool or horribly lame, but either way, I can’t wait!

If you’d like to see some popular Flash Mobs, click here.

Sasha, who hopes it’s cool!

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