Monday Mention: Love Actually

As much as I love reading and writing romance, I hate, hate HATE chick flicks. I usually hope that the heroine ends up in a ditch with the hero riding off into the sunset with someone much less annoying.

There are, however, a few exceptions. Love Actually would probably be my #1 chick flick movie and would rank in my top five favorite movies of all time. Though it’s a Christmas movie, I could watch it over and over again any time of year.  I think what makes this for me is it the film is a mixture of things.

It interweaves the lives of several characters in England over the weeks leading up to Christmas. Lookit all this talent:

There are lots of comedic moments (Bill Nighy as a has been trying to make a comeback is worth it alone), and several moments that will just melt your heart (wait until you get to the airport scene). It has eye candy as well (hello, Liam Neeson! How YOU doin?) and taught me the appeal of Colin Firth.

Watch it. You’ll laugh, you’ll cheer, you’ll kick Monday blah’s right in the junk.


Sasha, who wishes she were watching right now

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