The Subconscious Strikes Again

As a person who has story people in her brain for most of her life, I’m not sure how the other half lives — by this I mean non-writers.  My brain is constantly churning out ideas, working out details to stories I’m currently working on, stories written by other people, stories that may never happen.

I finished my m/f/m menage, which has a level of angst, but for the most part is a short, sexy read. My current WIP, a m/f erotic romance, but my brain is definitely nudging me towards darker elements.

Two nights in a row I dreamed of serial killers (who knew Tom Hanks was so lethal with a baseball bat?!), alien infestation (they multiplied like tape worms but were the size of green onions, which has put me off those for a while) and a phantom tattoo which completely covered my body and ruined my day.

Clearly, my brain wants me to write something with teeth…..and guts.  I’m not sure where that fits in my current work load, but I guess I’ll have to make it happen. Or risk more jerked-awake-by-terror nights.


Sasha, who needs more hours in a day

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