Monday Mention: The Voice

Though I’m old enough to remember the original reality shows (some argue that the first was Star Search, while others say it was the first season of Real World), I tend to avoid them.  They have dumb premises (Big Brother, The Bachelor) or are so far removed from reality as to be laughable (16 and Pregnant, I’m looking at you).

However, I like talent shows, and I’ve fallen in love with The Voice. I can admit I was initially watching just for Mr. ManCandy himself, Adam Levine, but I like the idea of finding a gem. Someone who obviously has talent but for whatever reason (money, distance, unconventional looks) hasn’t made the splash to be a star. I’m also a sucker for human interest stories and get heavily invested in the contestants.

The only draw back for me is the Dragon Lady judge, Christina Aguilera. While I wholeheartedly believe Xtina is extremely talented, I don’t like the bitch snipes she makes at the other judges and contestants. I’m guessing her spanx are so tight that courtesy has been squeezed out of her. As for the other judges (Cee-Lo Green and Blake Shelton), I appreciate their warmth, humor and expertise.

The show even airs on Monday nights (and ok, Tuesdays as well) as if it somehow knows that you’ll need a pick up after the first day back to the Evil Day Job.

Sasha, who can’t wait for the live battles tonight

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