Post Conference Fugue

I’m having an Ace Ventura moment: “Two is too much!”  This weekend I attended my second conference for the year and I am wiped.

While I’m over the moon that I get to attend such great conferences — RT Book Lover’s Convention and RWA Chicago North’s Spring Fling — I’d be lying if I said that I was fully recovered from either.

I don’t know that anything prepares you to meet your idols. And I kinda fell apart and Fan Girl Squeed alllll over Sue Grafton when I met her. To the point where she offered me a hug (I’m convinced that she saw the crazy fire in my eyes and knew the only way to extinguish it would be to hug it out of me).  And poor Susan Elizabeth Phillips probably thinks I was an escapee from a mental facility.  I can’t help it — when I get excited I grin like a lunatic.

I also don’t know when I’ll realize that what I’ve done is a pretty big deal.  While I’m no Nora Roberts (and probably never will be), having published two books with a reputable publisher does put me in a class about a newbie.   I’ve spent a lot of time recognizing what I haven’t done that I’ve quite forgotten that I’ve accomplished something awesome.

And though I live in a bigger city, I still don’t get a lot of opportunities to surround myself with other writers.  This makes me want to eek out every  nanosecond I can…. to the detriment of sleep, food and common sense.  I’ve been known to yell “NO ONE SLEEPS AT CONFERENCES!”  to other attendees.

Combined with all of the actual workshops where I learned things that I MUST apply to my current WIPs and I’m a bit fried.  I have about a month before my next conference and I’m still not sure if I’ll be recovered, but I’m certainly going to enjoy it to the max…..and be prepared to need another month for recovery.

Sasha, who could use a nap

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  1. Good luck getting back to normal. conferences do take so much out of you. you get so caught up in everything you forget to rest and take a break so once you get home your body just gives out. You feel so tired. I remember when I did RT it took me two weeks to get back to normal.

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