Not So Summer Loving

It’s the middle of August, but you couldn’t tell by the way I feel.  The weather has taken a turn toward the wet and chilly and in my heart it feels like October.

I’m still in the middle of moving and so far the new place is awesome, but it’s taking a while to get everything the way I want it. …which makes me feel guilty for wanting to write or read while I’m ignoring the boxes in the corner.

This year has gone by entirely too fast and though there are a few more weeks of summer, it definitely feels like we are sliding into fall and the end of the year.

*moment of silence*

This post was WAY more somber than I had intended, so we’ll end on a high note — I finally subbed a book!  It will be a while before I know if I’ll have great news or not so good news, but at least I can say that I’ve done it and move on to the next project.

Sasha, who is getting back into the saddle

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