Monday Mention: Sisters

Someone much more analytical than myself could tell you the themes and tropes that show in all my works, but the one I’m most cognizant of is the sibling dynamic. I have several, much older half siblings from my father’s previous marriages, but two siblings who I grew up with every step of the way.

My brother and I fought like cats and dogs tied together in a pillowcase and dumped into a lake. And that’s what I remember to this day, though we’ve both mellowed with age. My sister and I have had our share of bad moments, but it’s mostly been good ones, especially after she went away to college.

We are now both adults (though my adulthood is often called into question) and live about twenty minutes apart. We’re not the sappy, chick flick types, but it’s good to know that there is someone who always has my back and can talk me down from the ledge. It’s a rare day when we don’t talk or at least text each other, and tonight I’m going to dinner where there *will* be meatloaf footballs.

So what I’m really saying is have you hugged your meatloaf footballs lately?  And if not, then hut, hut, hike to it!

Sasha, who is still giggling about meatloaf footballs

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