So Shiny And Neeeeewwwwww….

…yeah, I, erotic romance author, just referenced Like a Virgin. I’d say don’t judge, but well, I’m kinda due long hard judging with the way I just left things.

If I were more than a one woman operation, I’d say that we’d changed over to new management, but it’s been more than that. New Management, New Mindset, New Determination to get shit done.

Without belaboring the point, 2012 was pretty much a wash for me. I wrote many, many words and published none of them. Hell, I barely managed two subs (one of which is still up in the air) and one was soundly rejected….okay, I’m being a drama queen; it was rejected once and I’ve since rewritten and resubbed.

I’m done making excuses. I’m done putting other people’s needs and wants in front of my own. And I’m done wearing the I’m-Not-Good-Enough-Shirt of shame. While it’s sparkly and pink (still mine!) it’s tiresome….and shit did not get done.

It’s early days on 2013 and I’ve already got some good news planned, including a release next month with Ellora’s Cave and paling around with the Cabal of Hotness, a group of like minded romance writers on a mission  to corrupt the world, one reader at a time.  There’ll be more about both later, but you can go here to learn more about us if you just can’t wait.

In the meantime, I promise, more updates, more words and more attempts at bringing yall more books.

Sasha, who’s ready to kick ass and take names


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