Temperatures Freezing, but So Far January Is Hot

That title isn’t exciting, but I never claimed to be good at naming things. I’m much more of a storyteller.

Since my last update, I’ve subbed a new story (yay!) and sold a new book. Not bad for two weeks. More information will be coming on Lock and Key but for now all you need to know is it’s angsty, it’s sexy, and it sets up a trilogy of m/m contemporary stories. But more on that when we get closer to edits and a cover reveal.

The other hotness of the month is the contest going on with my crew of fellow writers, The Cabal of Hotness. Left to our own devices, we’re a hot mess, but I guarantee you’ll love every second of it. ¬†We are running a pretty fantastic Give Away during our introductory month and you can click the icon below to find out more about us.



Sasha, who has more work to do


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