The Night We Got Warm and Fuzzy

My youngest brother and I are not quite two years apart. And in that way of siblings who are that close in age, we fell into the camp of enemies early on. Now that we’re both adults and live with most of the continental US between us, it’s gotten better.

I was up late Monday night, had posted to my Facebook that “Insomnia Sucks” and was pecking my way through a novella when I got a PM from my brother.

Doesn’t happen often and my immediate thought was that something was wrong, but he just wanted me to know that he was always up late if I wanted to talk….and that he was proud of me.  Said he always knew I’d make it.

K is not a reader. He probably knows what a Kindle Fire is since it plays games and apps, but probably hasn’t held any other e-reader.  He asked how he could find my titles.  Knock me over with a feather!  I told him I write romances but I’ll get him a book when I write mysteries.

And my brother, Mr. Playboy Extraordinaire says “Don’t let the smooth moves fool you. I’ll read romance.” I’m still laughing and then he offered to help me plot a romantic mystery. This is tantamount to him offering me a kidney.

I guess it just goes to prove that anyone can have one of those straight-from-a-book warm and fuzzy moments. Even when they least expect it.

Sasha, whose heart just grew three sizes this week

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