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Confession time, flash fiction isn’t my thing. Anyone who knows me can attest that when it comes to words I use them ALL, mostly in rapid fire sequences peppered by laughter.

But before I could say “what the what” I was wrapped in the First Kiss Blog Hop vortext and it was both terrifying and awesome at the same time.

I wrote and discarded five couples and seven different scenes before I settled on Jayne and Clive. I hope you enjoy!


Artistic Arousal:

Jayne hurried up to the warehouse. This location was by far the biggest Trinity had ever garnered and she felt a burst of pride for her best friend. This showing could mean great things if all went well. She didn’t always understand Trin’s art pieces.

But even Jayne could admit the appeal of watching people experience things for the first time. There was a voyeuristic thrill involved, even if most of the activities on the questionnaire had been mundane: holding a baby, eating deep dish pizza, taking a selfie.

Heck Jayne had only experienced about third of the items on Trinity’s list and she had brazenly signed the waiver to participate in the project. Now all she could do is pray that Trinity hadn’t picked tonight to try to get her to pet a tarantula.

She handed her trench off to the doorman and gaped. Since she had been gone, the place had been transformed into a gallery.  Along the far edges of the room were evenly spaced curtained off sections, ten in all. Each area was on a slightly elevated platform with a spotlight.

“Are you ready to be a superstar?”

Jayne was already smiling before she turned around and embraced Trinity. As usual her friend had to stoop to hug her in a way that didn’t result with Jayne ending up with a face full of boob. She squeezed tight, then released her.

“Depends. Am I going to end up famous or infamous?”

Trin waggled her eyebrows. “That’s entirely up to you. I just want you to follow your instincts and see what awesome can develop.”

She let Trinity link their hands together and tug her toward the fourth curtain on the left.

“You know I hate it when you talk like some sort of new age life coach.”

Trinity pulled her around to the back and gently nudged her up the stairs. “When one is confronted with the wisdom of the cosmos, the only answer is to open your heart’s mind and let Mother Nature’s energy fuel your desire for …cheese.”

“I hate you.”

Trinity laughed. “I bet when we talk later you’ll change your mind. Now in you go.  I need you to stay inside your frame until the exhibit is done. And then if you want to run screaming into the night, I won’t stop you.”

Jayne frowned. For once Trinity didn’t sound like she was joking and Jayne wondered what awaited her. Trinity edged the curtain inside and pushed her into the dimly lit interior.


Then she was gone in a swirl of black out fabric. It took mere seconds for Jayne to realize that she wasn’t alone. And that the guy with her could easily snap her in half with a mere look. This was the kind of man her mother had warned her about. The kind that could level a girl’s common sense, melt her panties, break her heart and all while skirting the edge of the law.

Everything about him was dark. Short dark hair. Half-lidded dark eyes and he was dressed head to toe in black. Even the intricate whorls of ink that crept from his under his short-sleeved shirt to snake down his forearms and encircle his wrists were black. The one pop of color was the silver buckles barely visible on his boots.

He was ginormous. That was the only word for it. And all of it muscle.

Shoulders so wide there would be no way she could wrap her arms around them. A jaw so blunt and square, he probably could take a bite of asphalt and spit gravel seconds later. Thighs like tree trunks. When was the last time she climbed a tree anyway? She could climb this stranger and see if her skills were still there. A breathy “oh” snuck out at the thought of straddling his thighs and made her giant move.

Jayne forced her eyes to his face and realized she’d been staring at the guy’s crotch for several seconds. A blush heated her cheeks and she could only hope that the dim light hid just how embarrassed and turned on she was.

“Er. Hi.”

He inclined his head and kept his gaze steady on hers. There was no sign he was the slightest bit interested in her and Jayne stifled a sigh. The night could still be exciting, even if Mr. Massive and Moody didn’t want anything to do with her.

She stuck her hand out. “I’m Jayne.”

He hesitated for a moment before he clasped her hand and gave a gentle squeeze before releasing her. Goose bumps blossomed on her spine. Who got turned on by a handshake?


That one word uttered in his rumbly voice had her ready to beg him to say her own. She shook her head and leaned against the desk where he perched. Their size differences were even more pronounced as she rested in his shadow.

She wanted to ask him a dozen questions and more but Trinity’s voice came over the loud speaker.

“Thank all of you for coming tonight. Those familiar with my work know that I like to think outside of the box a bit more than most. When I had the idea for tonight’s pieces I wasn’t sure if it could work, and even if everyone loathes this show I will consider it a success because of the experiences we’re going to share.”

She broke off as applause filled the warehouse. Jayne snuck a look at Clive and caught him starring down at her. His face had gone from stoic to inquisitive and it took every ounce of stubbornness she had to remain still under his perusal.

“I’ll introduce our players, each of them experiencing a first tonight, and let them do their thing. First we have Ricky. Who is going to try raw oysters for the first time.”

Jayne tuned out Trinity’s chatter and the audience’s laughter and applause. What could she possibly help Clive with? Was he curious to know what it felt like to carry a grown woman in his pocket? Did he have a burning desire to listen to a champion yodeler? Maybe he was holding knives for her to juggle?

All too soon Trinity’s voice was in front of their curtain.

“I know an artist isn’t supposed to have favorites, but my BFF is behind this curtain. Jayne is fun, but totally risk adverse. Like wont even jaywalk for fear of apocalyptic mayhem.”

The crowd laughed and the corner of Clive’s mouth kicked up. Jayne looked down at her feet. Too bad  she couldn’t experience the earth swallowing her whole.  

“Hey.” Clive’s nudge almost knocked her over and his hand gently lifting her chin nearly finished the job. She wanted to shove him away, but she was too lost in his warm gaze.

“But Jayne’s got the biggest heart of anyone I’ve ever met,” Trinity continued.

“Do you know why I’m here?” Clive asked.

Jayne shook her head and could only hope she didn’t look completely stupid. He leaned in closer, his hand sliding into the hair at her nape and tugging until her head fell back.

“So the fact that Jayne is here to get her first kiss from a stranger is bigger than you could ever know!” Trinity said.

“I’ve never kissed a beautiful girl in the rain,”  Clive admitted.

She frowned. Rain?

Then the curtain whooshed back and she was in the spot light, in front of the cameras and the crowd.

And in Clive’s arms.

The entire warehouse was silent as he slid one hand up her thigh until he reached her bottom and pulled her flush against him. Jayne grasped his shoulders, her grip tightening as he shortened the gap between their mouths an inch at a time.

Clive brushed his lips over hers in a touch so light she would have thought she’d imagined it if not for the rasp of his stubble. Jayne’s eyes fluttered closed. Clive repeated the phantom kiss, winding her up more and more until she grabbed his face and pulled his mouth to hers. The hand on her ass clenched and he pulled her closer.

Rain fell from the ceiling and Jayne gasped into his mouth. Clive slid his tongue inside and she melted into his hold. He ravaged her mouth and she loved every second of it. Would have gladly stayed right there but couldn’t ignore the whistles and catcalls.

Clive broke the kiss and slowly lowered her to the desk. He slid out of reach, once again her silent, gorgeous giant. Trinity flashed her a thumbs up and moved to the next platform.

The lights dimmed. How was she supposed to stay upright after that? More importantly how could she get more? She wasn’t as brave in the dark as she had been under the lights but….she snuck another glance at him.  He was totally worth it.

Jayne slid closer.

“So, Clive…”


(1490 words)

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Thanks for reading!



  1. Omigosh, Clive is hot. And I love the performance art setup. Now I really want to know what happens next. Awesome story!

  2. Fantastic start. Trinity is a great friend to set that up :-)

  3. “So, Clive…” I need a rain shower & a giant hot dude please. This was great! Also, I need more artist friends, OBVIOUSLY.

    • Thank you!

      I must figure out a way to get a Clive service going because we all deserve giant hotties & rain showers.

  4. Duuuuude… This was all kinds of awesome. MOAR!!!

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