Cover Lovin – Hometown Hero

Last fall I was lucky enough to be invited into a m/m, military themed boxed set called Unconditional Surrender. I was definitely the small fish on that roster but everyone was so nice and welcoming I didn’t feel like the weak link….totally.

Our set is no longer available and my novella — Hometown Hero — has now reverted back to me and I will be publishing that (including a bonus short) soon, which meant new cover art.

And I was terrified. My military hero, Colin, is a buffed out red head. I had already tried and failed to get a good cover for him and then this beauty dropped into my lap:

HometownHero (1)

I clapped. I squealed. I victory danced. All from my desk chair. That man up there is my Colin and I couldn’t be more pleased with this cover.  I will post the release dates soon.

For those who have not read it, here’s the blurb:

Jeremiah Josten and Colin Shellford have always wanted each other, but it’s never been right. First JJ was too young, then Colin was deployed.

Now the Marine is back in town and JJ’s in his sights. Somehow Colin will have to convince JJ that friends make the best lovers.

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