My youngest brother and I are not quite two years apart. And in that way of siblings who are that close in age, we fell into the camp of enemies early on. Now that we’re both adults and live with most of the continental US between us, it’s gotten better. I was up late Monday […]

That title isn’t exciting, but I never claimed to be good at naming things. I’m much more of a storyteller. Since my last update, I’ve subbed a new story (yay!) and sold a new book. Not bad for two weeks. More information will be coming on Lock and Key but for now all you need […]

…yeah, I, erotic romance author, just referenced Like a Virgin. I’d say don’t judge, but well, I’m kinda due long hard judging with the way I just left things. If I were more than a one woman operation, I’d say that we’d changed over to new management, but it’s been more than that. New Management, […]

It’s the middle of August, but you couldn’t tell by the way I feel.  The weather has taken a turn toward the wet and chilly and in my heart it feels like October. I’m still in the middle of moving and so far the new place is awesome, but it’s taking a while to get […]

I’ve been in a strange mood. That’s the nicest way to describe how I’m ready to climb any mountain and slay any dragon one moment and the next I’m so worried that I can’t eat or sleep. Things in my life are inching toward some sort of normal, but now I have a few friends, […]

I’m having an Ace Ventura moment: “Two is too much!”  This weekend I attended my second conference for the year and I am wiped. While I’m over the moon that I get to attend such great conferences — RT Book Lover’s Convention and RWA Chicago North’s Spring Fling — I’d be lying if I said […]

Which old draft?! The Serial Killer one!  Okay, clearly my brain is fried, but since I finished the first draft of the story that has been gnawing my brain since last summer, I feel like I’m entitled to a tiny bit of foolery. The Serial Killer Romance is definitely romantic suspense, but I’m not sure […]

The problem of blogging without a net is that sometimes you fall and land on your face.  I had every intention of blogging about nights 3 and 4, but got caught up talking shop until my eyes were crossing and it was time for sleep. But I did want to hit a few more of […]

I didn’t blog yesterday as I knew I was going to cover Romanticon 2011 each night I was here.  The day got off to a rocky start with my GPS sending me into downtown Chicago morning rush hour traffic (why Daniel, why?!) adding another hour to my commute.  From there the trip became one arduous […]

Well, technically yesterday was my birthday and I had planned to post then, but I was a little too giddy to be methodical.  Though many of my friends are dreading getting older, I LOVE birthdays. I still have a child-Christmas Eve-night kind of excitement about them even though I’ve since realized my birthday will never […]