Daniel Rich and Kaitlyn Dow have been friends for fifteen years, and playing an increasingly outlandish game of Truth or Dare for nearly as long. In love with her friend for longer than she’d like to admit, Kaitlyn prefers to hide in the safety of truths she can guide away from embarrassing secrets. While ladies’ man Daniel can’t help but push Kaitlyn’s boundaries with bolder, sexier dares every chance he gets in hopes that he can finally get his friend to notice how he feels.

With her bed-and-breakfast overbooked, the two are forced to spend the night together. Under the twinkle of Christmas lights and the temptation of mistletoe, Daniel is ready to move their relationship to the next level. Kaitlyn suspects he’s still playing a game, and resigns herself to a one-night stand. But she’ll soon learn that Daniel is willing to risk any dare to get Kaitlyn to see the truth—that they belong together.

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HometownHero (1)

Jeremiah Josten and Colin Shellford have always wanted each other, but it’s never been right. First JJ was too young, then Colin was deployed.

Now the Marine is back in town and JJ’s in his sights. Somehow Colin will have to convince JJ that friends make the best lovers.

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Shane Willet has been crushing on his roommate Jake for as long as he can remember with no relief in sight. But as studious as Jake is explosive, Shane has given up hope of catching his friend’s eye. In an effort to get over him, Shane allows Jake to drag him to a Key Party—a sex party where men are thrown together by chance. Shane can only hope that hot sex with a virtual stranger will help him forget.

Key Parties are nothing new to a player like Jake Ritter, but tonight he has his own agenda. It involves leaving all other men behind and finally getting Shane in bed. Unbeknownst to Shane, Jake’s rigged the party for them to end up together. Under the cover of darkness, he will indulge in every kinky act that he’s been imagining over the past few months in a bid to bind Shane to him with sex.

Reality more than lives up to fantasy, and both men are left raw in the aftermath of their night of pleasure. Jake may think he knows all there is to know about men and sex, but Shane is going to teach him a thing or two about love…

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Polar bear shifter Liev Anker has made it his job to be his boss and friend’s right hand man. He’s there for her whenever and whatever she needs. Too bad that doesn’t extend to the bedroom.

Distant. Pushy. Dragon shifter Sira Fekkai is used to getting what she wants. And what she wants most is to forget Christmas exists. Even if that means pushing away the only man who understands her.

Disaster strikes and the two find themselves spending Christmas Eve together. And when Sira’s fiery temper meets Liev’s icy calm, things get steamy.

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When the evidence doesn’t add up, follow your heart

“My name is Aya Bedel. I have killed before. I will kill again.”

Detective Will Speedman knows guilt when he sees it. And the delicate, dark-eyed pixie sitting before him in the interrogation room doesn’t look strong enough to have overpowered and murdered a string of women.

Yet Aya knows grisly details about the killings that haven’t been made public. And something about her sinful shape reaches deep into his primal core and yanks. Hard.

Aya has been having increasingly gruesome visions over the past few weeks. Not only does she witness the murders, she feels the victims’ flesh beneath her fingers, feels their last breath caressing her face. She must confess or go mad.

As time runs short, Will’s superiors demand answers. Aya’s only hope for salvation rests in the desire glowing in Will’s eyes and his seductive touch that draws clues from her subconscious.

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