Is In the Light of Day your first story? Where is the book that details what happens when Jaren and Cooper go under cover?

Yep. Light is my first book, and there really isn’t a book about what happens to them undercover.  Though I’ve gotten enough requests about it, I might see if I can coax a plotbunny to oblige.


What’s your writing process?

Uhh, sheer panic.  I’ve learned that if I’m going to finish anything, I have to get the Rough Draft all done and then I can try to fix it. I can spew a scary amount of words in a very small period of time, but it takes me (what feels like forever) to edit. I always write with music of some kind, and do best when I have a drink at hand.


Drink? Like alcoholic drink? Are you a lush?

Not if I want to get any work done! I normally have a ginger ale or if it’s cold some tea. But if you see me at the bar at a con, I’ll probably be drinking something with rum in it. And cherries.


You tweet some strange things. Should I be worried about your mental state?

Not at all. Writers by nature tend to be wired differently.  We tweet strange things. My tweet stream is a more toned down, less cursey version of sitting next to me.  But don’t let that scare you. If you ever see me, don’t be afraid to say “hi!” I’m a very social creature and I’m told a riot to be with.


I was told there would be sequels. Where’s my sequel to (fill in the blank)?

First, I’m glad you enjoyed my writing so much that you want more! I do apologize. Due to some unforeseen issues I was not able to produce sequels for a couple of my titles. Things are looking good and I have plans to release sequels later this year (2017). Stay tuned!



(Current) Favorite Things:

Cinnamon Roll Liquid Lipstick from Beauty Bakerie

The song “Wicked Games” by The Weeknd

“Death in Paradise” and “Sense 8” on Netflix

Cinnamon Dolce K Cups.

Still Hand Knits….it’s brutally cold in Chicago




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